A Word With Dan Haley, COGA's New Executive Director

Dan Haley spent 20 years as a journalist and editor, the bulk of which was with The Denver Post. He then joined the private sector as a media consultant. Now though, Haley has taken on a new role – as the executive director of the state's largest oil and gas industry trade group, the Colorado Oil and Gas Association.
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KVNF Live! Summer Concert Series

Broadcasting live on Thursdays at 7pm from the cities of Ouray, Ridgway and Paonia. Tune in or see the shows live.


A crowd-sourced reporting project with KVNF that draws on community observations about seasonal shifts in the weather

Sugar's Pick August 3, 2015

Take A Look At Our Current Favorite At KVNF & Click Below To Check Out All the New Music At KVNF For The Week of August 3, 2015 Jon Cleary / GoGo Juice / FHQ: The Brit from Kent has been studying the culture of New Orleans for 20 years and with his latest CD he definitely gets the Music!
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A Kentucky homeowner is arrested for shooting down a civilian drone he said was invading his family's privacy. The drone's owner insists that he did nothing wrong, in the latest case that highlights both confusion and concerns over the legal use of drones.

William Meredith, 47, of Bullitt County, Ky., was arrested after he used his shotgun to bring down a drone that he said hovered above his property in Hillview, a suburb of Louisville.


  • Disconnect found in wildfire risk assessment
  • West Nile cases develop on Western Slope
  • North Fork gains community chorus

Travis Mann and his band have been creating a craze on Nashville’s historic “Lower Broadway” since his arrival in 2005.   Here, Ali Lightfoot speaks with Travis about his growing up in Paonia,  life in Nashville and his upcoming show for Celebrate the Fork in August.


  • CDC releases HPV vaccination rates
  • Interview with COGA’s newest leader
  • New housing complex for homeless in Grand Junction
  • Missing teen found safe

Todo Mundo ("All the World") blends the musical flavors of Spanish Rumba, Reggae, Brazilian, Balkan, and Middle Eastern styles into an irresistible groove.  The band performed a live set  on the 'sky porch' at the Darby earthship on Pitkin Mesa in Paonia.


  • Suspect in police assault arrested
  • Colorado lures startup with tax breaks
  • A look at the annual West Elk Wine Trail event
  • Nucla awarded for park improvement project
photo of Lance
Suze Smith

Host Jill Spears & gardening gurus Lance Swigart & Lulu Volckhausen chat about current conditions in the garden & take calls from Redlands Mesa, Montrose & even Monticello, Utah.


  • Viral disease infects horses, cattle across Colorado
  • Cocaine found in package that was mailed to Telluride
  • The second part of the look at Colorado water law


  • Hotchkiss Medical Clinic closes its doors
  • New project looks to convert miles of irrigation ditches to closed pipes
  • Motorcyclist dies in Grand Junction
  • A  look at the complex and thick regulation of the Colorado River


  • Region 10 seeks 5 million dollars for fiber optic internet
  • County Judge passes away
  • Fruit growers grapple with freezes, constant rain
  • Officers cleared in fatal shooting
  • Solar program wraps up for the North Fork


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