West Obsessed: Ocean Acidification

The administration of President Donald Trump has done little to acknowledge the risks of climate change. Trump himself has called climate change a hoax. In this episode of West Obsessed, the writers and editors of High Country News discuss one place in the West where human-caused emissions of greenhouse gases are a real problem: ocean acidification and its impact on fisheries in the Pacific Northwest.

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  • Governor Hickenlooper returns from trade visit to India
  • Inside Energy profile of North Fork Valley coal mining scene
  • Both Colorado Senators vote the party line on Trump budget
  • Glance at area high school football scoreboard

  • Health insurance rates in Colorado set to rise by over 30 percent
  • Paonia, Meeker matchup highlights big weekend in prep football
  • Town of Paonia to hold special meeting; seeks RFP for sewer line
  • Mesa County Coroner releases data about drug overdose deaths

Johannes Kepler published the Laws of Planetary Motion in the 17th century. In combination with Newton’s Law of Gravity, scientists still use these laws to determine the motion of objects around a larger object, including planets and suns in other solar systems. These exo-planets, so-termed because they are external to our solar system, have become an area of research in recent years.

  • Democrats outpace Republican candidates in fundraising for Governor's chair
  • BLM official talks about Bull Mountain approval
  • Revised resource management plan still under review by BLM
  • Montrose outfitter, Indiana man charged with hunting violations

photo of Lance
Suze Smith

Host Jill Spears and gardeners Lance Swigart and Lulu Volckhausen discuss end-of-season garden issues and take listeners' calls.

  • Ballots mailed to voters this week, no statewide issue to decide
  • BLM official talks about Bull Mountain approval
  • Large number of comments against Bull Mountain not considered as votes
  • Trump's tax proposal would cause huge increase for Colorado families

Willie Stark

In April 2014, Cliven Bundy, along with hundreds of supporters, faced down federal agents over the removal of his cattle from public lands. They'd been illegally grazing for years and a court had ordered their impoundment. Three years later, Cliven Bundy, along with two of his sons and a handful of supporters, is slated to go on trial. It's been a long and windy road to the courtroom; HCN associate editor Tay Wiles breaks it down.


  • Colorado Springs program disposes of firearms in unique way
  • Denver submits bid to Amazon to be home of next hub
  • New study, interactive map indicates proximity of oil and gas sites

  • Congress looks to curtail power of President to use 1906 Antiquities Act
  • Formal murder charges filed in deaths of two Norwood girls
  • Premiums in Western Colorado to skyrocket after Trump's executive order
  • Governor Hickenlooper's response to Trump's moves to kill ACA

  • Senator Kerry Donovan visits Paonia on re-election campaign
  • Rural patients in Colorado lag behind in health coverage
  • Colorado senators weigh in on withdrawal from Iran agreement
  • College educated Latinos in state will be sought for job market


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