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Local Motion: CHIP Funding

In September, Congress let federal funding expire for the the low cost insurance program CHIP, or CHP Plus as it's known in Colorado. Notices were sent out to more than 75,000 Colorado families letting them know that unless Congress acts soon they will lose their insurance at the end of January. Dr. Christopher Stille from Children’s Hospital Colorado, Erin Miller from the Colorado Children’s Campaign and Jeremy Carroll from the River Valley Family Health Center talk about the importance of...

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  • Crested Butte will initiate tax on short term rentals starting Jan. 1st
  • Colorado businesses react to Trump's decision to shrink size of monuments
  • Final report of failed lawsuit to name Colorado River a person
  • Supreme Court hears Colorado case about free speech, gay rights

Host Jill Spears is joined by Charlie Spears, a Nutritional Health Coach from Natural Grocers, for a discussion of organic vs conventional agriculture, pesticides, gut microbiomes & more.

  • Delta Commissioners deny land use request
  • Old Bowie load out off of Hwy 133 will not change use
  • Surge of electric car sales in Colorado, West require infrastructure change
  • Lawsuit about Colorado River individual rights thrown out

  • Lawmakers call for ouster of Representative Steve Lebsock
  • Dead body discovered in ditch outside of Olathe
  • President Trump goes to Utah to cut back size of monuments
  • November one of the warmest months on record in Grand Junction

  • Four lawmakers at state house face formal harassment complaints
  • Zinke's plans, actions opposite of conservationist mentor Theodore Roosevelt

Bryan Cashion 2017

Mid December nights are cold and often snowy on the Western Slope.  But, here’s an observing challenge:  Catch the peak of this year’s Geminid Meteor Shower on the night of December 13th to 14th.

  • Representative Steve Lebsock will not resign amid allegations
  • Paonia Town Council terminates park contract, works on budget
  • Lawyer suing to name Colorado River a person facing sanctions
  • One student sent threats of shooting, bombs at Telluride High School
  • Sentaor Baumgardner latest accused of harassment at state capitol
  • Towns of Hotchkiss, Paonia both seeking to hire a police officer

Native communities are an integral part of the nation’s history—and future. However, even today there aren’t enough publications that know how to accurately tell their stories. In this episode of West Obsessed, the writers and editors of High Country News discuss the magazine's efforts to tell better stories from Indian Country.

  • Governor Hickenlooper's Chief of Staff resigns, exodus of aides continues
  • Connecting the Drops looks at invasive species
  • Colorado lakes and reservoirs under threat by invasive species
  • Comment period for sage grouse management plan extended to Friday

Regular host Jill Spears is back on, with guest Jere Lowe of Earth Friendly Supply Co. on board to discuss late fall - early winter gardening issues, and take calls from listeners.


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