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Local Motion: North Fork Ambulance

KVNF News interviews Kathy Steckel, executive director of the North Fork Ambulance Association, about the organization's history and the services the all-volunteer organization provides. Also interviewed is Katie Hedley, events and media coordinator for the NFAA and an EMT in-training, who talked about the Powerful Stories program.

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Host Jill Spears is in the studio with gardening experts Lulu Volckhausen and Lance Swigart, chatting about garden chores & taking calls from listeners. Also, "Lance's Pet Peeve," (possible new feature?) This week - Put drains on your sprinkler systems so they don't need to be "blown out" every year. 

  • Paonia, Crawford writing new marijuana ordinances
  • Mountain Rescue Aspen having a busy season
  • Anatomy of a mountain rescue highlights all the people involved
  • Cut to SNAP program would impact Colorado children

  • Lawmakers wrap up work examining state water issues
  • Delta Police Department deals with wandering bear in town
  • Both Colorado Senators support funding for CHIP program
  • State capitol looks for ways to help young farmers
  • Bull Mountain oil and gas development approved by BLM
  • Area high school football teams compete in league play

  • GOP tax plan will benefit Colorado millionaires
  • President Trump's proposed tax plan will cost state's middle class
  • Montrose High School boys golf team wins 4A state championship
  • Freshman, three sophomores lead Montrose golfers to state title

In the summer of 1977, NASA launched the Voyager 1 and 2 space probes.  Their original 5-year mission was to study Jupiter and Saturn.  Voyager 2 was actually launched 2 weeks before Voyager 1, but arrived at Jupiter after Voyager 1. Both probes are still functioning today after more than 40 years.

  • Suspects in Norwood deaths make court appearances
  • Capitol conversation talks about recent special session
  • Lawmakers face gridlock, contention as special session ends
  • Parks and Wildlife, Montrose swap land parcels, create new parks

  • Governor John Hickenlooper reaches out to Nevada governor
  • Special session fails to take any action, closes after second day
  • Marijuana tax loophole will be addressed in regular session
  • Montrose High School boys golf team wins 4A state championship

photo of Lance
Suze Smith

Host Jill Spears and gardening gurus Lance Swigart and Lulu Volckhausen talk about fall gardening chores, post-frost cleanup and other topics.

  • Special session convenes, little agreement among lawmakers
  • Former head of EPA laments Trump rollbacks
  • Two big meth busts in Delta County
  • Colorado leads way converting to renewable energy sources

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