Featured Photographers

The beautiful images of our listening area that you see in our website header were donated by local photographers. KVNF thanks them for their gracious contributions!

Celia Roberts contributed several photographs to the website, including the aspen trees, Lamborn mountain at night, and the stunning photo of the horses reflected in a mountain lake. See more of her work at her website.

Rita Claggett is a writer, photographer, and naturalist who lives in Crawford, Colorado. She donated the image of Needle Rock in Crawford, with a rainbow in the background. You can see more of her work at her website!

Steve Huntley says, "I am just a guy who loves to take pictures and create videos. I love the beautiful place I live in and enjoy nothing more than taking pictures of the surprises that are revealed every day!" He contributed the photo of Lamborn Mountain in the fall, and also the colorful panaorama of Redlands mesa at sunset. You can see more of his incredible photos here.