Election 2012 http://kvnf.org en KVNF Local Newscast: Wednesday, January 2, 2013 http://kvnf.org/post/kvnf-local-newscast-wednesday-january-2-2013 <p><strong>Headlines:</strong></p><ul><li>Governor Certifies Election Results For Amendments 2 and 65</li><li>First Reefer Room Toasted After One Day Wed, 02 Jan 2013 15:35:24 +0000 Brian Cambria 4757 at http://kvnf.org KVNF Local Newscast: Monday, November 12, 2012 http://kvnf.org/post/kvnf-local-newscast-monday-november-12-2012 <p><strong>Headlines:</strong></p><ul><li>Pinon Ridge Uranium Mill Hearings Continue Through Tuesday</li><li>BLM Reduces State Acreage Available For Oil/Shale Development</li><li>Montrose Likely To Prohibit Sale Of Marijuana</li><li>Amendment 64 Votes Closely Followed Presidential Votes</li><li>Colorado Voter Turnout Likely To Surpass Historic 2008 Turnout</li><li>What To Expect From New Healthcare Law Now</li><li>Western Senators Support Pro-Timber Industry Policies</li></ul><p> Mon, 12 Nov 2012 16:50:40 +0000 Brian Cambria 2799 at http://kvnf.org CO Dems Select First Openly Gay Man as House Speaker http://kvnf.org/post/co-dems-select-first-openly-gay-man-house-speaker <p>Colorado Democrats made history on Thursday by selecting the first openly gay man to be the speaker of the state house of representatives. Bente&nbsp; Birkeland has more from the state capitol.</p><p> Fri, 09 Nov 2012 17:28:15 +0000 Bente Birkeland 2707 at http://kvnf.org KVNF Local Election Results http://kvnf.org/post/kvnf-local-election-results-0 <p><strong>On the Western Slope</strong>, Republican incumbent Scott Tipton kept his seat with 54 percent of the vote, with Democrat Sal Pace coming up close with 41% of the vote.<br><br>Here are the results for the Colorado state house races in our area:</p><p>In <strong>District 61</strong>, Democratic incumbent Millie Hamner kept her seat in a very tight race, getting just 50% of the vote over Republican Debra Irvine, Independent Kathleen Curry, and Libertarian Ellen Temby and American Constitutionalist Robert Petrowsky.</p> Wed, 07 Nov 2012 16:59:21 +0000 Ariana Brocious 14853 at http://kvnf.org KVNF Local Election Results Republicans Have Early Voting Edge http://kvnf.org/post/republicans-have-early-voting-edge <p>Today is Election Day. As of yesterday, Republicans in Colorado held a 2-point lead in early voting. The trend marks a contrast from the presidential election of four years ago when Democrats had the early voting edge. Bente Birkeland has more from the state capitol.</p><p></p> Tue, 06 Nov 2012 17:55:42 +0000 Bente Birkeland 2530 at http://kvnf.org Republicans Have Early Voting Edge Presidential Ground Game Heats Up http://kvnf.org/post/presidential-ground-game-heats <p>Both presidential campaigns are working overtime in the home stretch to try to mobilize their bases and get voters to the polls. In Colorado, where the race is seen as a tossup, the ground game will be especially important. Bente Birkeland talked with grassroots volunteers from both campaigns out on the front lines.</p><p></p> Mon, 05 Nov 2012 20:14:32 +0000 Bente Birkeland 2478 at http://kvnf.org Presidential Ground Game Heats Up Capitol Conversation: State Election Roundup http://kvnf.org/post/capitol-conversation-state-election-roundup <p>Not only is Colorado a key swing state in the presidential election, this fall voters will also be deciding on a host of other races and issues. For instance, whether to legalize marijuana, and down ticket candidates that will determine the makeup of the Colorado state legislature. Bente Birkeland talks to statehouse reporters about what’s at stake.</p><p> Thu, 01 Nov 2012 15:07:17 +0000 Brian Cambria 2307 at http://kvnf.org KVNF Local Newscast: Thursday, November 1, 2012 http://kvnf.org/post/kvnf-local-newscast-thursday-november-1-2012 <p></p><p><strong>Headlines:</strong></p><ul><li>Capitol Conversation, State Election Roundup</li><li>Minorities Smoke Pot Less, Get Arrested More</li><li>Public Lands Policies Could Decide Election</li><li>Ryan In Colorado, Again</li><li>West Slope Police Chiefs In Turmoil</li><li>With No El Nino, Winter Moisture Uncertain</li></ul><p> Thu, 01 Nov 2012 15:02:14 +0000 Brian Cambria 2306 at http://kvnf.org Early 'In-Person' Voting Ends Friday http://kvnf.org/post/early-person-voting-ends-friday <p>October 30, 2012. With the election now only one week away, nearly a quarter of Colorado voters have already cast their ballots. Early in person voting ends on Friday. Bente Birkeland has more from the state capitol.</p><p> Tue, 30 Oct 2012 15:21:26 +0000 Brian Cambria 2199 at http://kvnf.org KVNF Local Newscast: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 http://kvnf.org/post/kvnf-local-newscast-tuesday-october-30-2012 <p><strong>Headlines:</strong></p><ul><li>Early "In-person" Voting Ends Friday</li><li>"War On Coal" - A West Slope Perspective</li><li>Garfield County To Study Air Pollution Near Oil &amp; Gas Ops</li><li>Wildfire Update</li></ul><p> Tue, 30 Oct 2012 15:06:41 +0000 Brian Cambria 2198 at http://kvnf.org