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The Two-Way
7:45 am
Tue May 20, 2014

CIA Says It Will No Longer Use Vaccine Programs As Cover

A doctor gives a polio vaccine to a child at a health clinic in Baghdad last week. The CIA says it banned the use of vaccine programs as cover for spying last year — a practice health officials said had wide repercussions.
Ahmad Al-Rubaye AFP/Getty Images

Originally published on Tue May 20, 2014 3:32 pm

A White House official says the CIA will no longer use vaccine programs as cover for spy operations, answering health experts' complaints that it had hurt international efforts to fight disease.

The CIA famously used a vaccination program as a ploy to gain information about the possible whereabouts of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. That effort didn't succeed, and the doctor involved was sentenced to a prison term. But the revelation had immediate effects — particularly in the fight against polio.

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7:40 am
Tue May 20, 2014

The 25 Most Promising Graduation Speeches Of The Year

The Best Commencement Speeches, Ever

Every year, for the past eight years, I've read hundreds and hundreds of graduation speeches, all told more than 1,000.

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Shots - Health News
6:50 am
Tue May 20, 2014

Beezin' May Be Bogus, But Other Dopey Teen Fads Can Bite Back

Leif Parsons for NPR

Originally published on Wed May 21, 2014 12:00 pm

Another month, another apocalyptic news report of some weird substance that kids are abusing in pursuit of a high.

The most recent example is "beezin'," which supposedly involves smearing Burt's Bee's lip balm on one's eyelids. The tingling allegedly heightens the sensation of being drunk or high, according to the Oklahoma Fox News affiliate that first declared this a "viral trend."

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The Two-Way
6:09 am
Tue May 20, 2014

Tupelo Man Who Sent Ricin Letters To Obama Gets 25-Year Sentence

James Everett Dutschke, seen here as investigators searched his house last spring, was convicted of sending letters containing the poison ricin to President Obama and other officials.
Rogelio V. Solis AP

Originally published on Tue May 20, 2014 12:12 pm

After late wrangling that included a threat to withdraw his guilty plea, J. Everett Dutschke accepted a 25-year prison sentence Monday, a year after he was arrested for sending poison-laced letters to President Obama and others.

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5:44 am
Tue May 20, 2014

The Secret Players In The Russia-Ukraine Game

Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov on Instagram.

Originally published on Tue May 20, 2014 9:30 am

Keeping up with the battle in Ukraine? Then you must know of a man named Ramzan Kadyrov. No? Well, that's because he's the Instagram dictator staying in the background, behind the curtain, asking people to pay no mind to the Chechen military fighters he might be ordering over to fight for Russia.

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5:23 am
Tue May 20, 2014

EU Tries A Rap Battle To Encourage Young People To Vote

Originally published on Tue May 20, 2014 9:43 am



Yo, yo, listen up. I'm Renee Montagne. The European Union recently held rap battle to try to engage young voters in this week's parliamentary election, most of whom don't make it to the polls. The rap battle featured members of the Parliament amid dueling emcees like DeKay.


DEKAY: (singing) Yeah, so make a change in how you living. If you could vote for "X Factor" why not vote for politicians?

The Two-Way
5:20 am
Tue May 20, 2014

In China, Anger At U.S. Hacking Charges — And Claims Of Hypocrisy

The building housing China's Unit 61398, a division of the army linked to hacking operations, is seen in Shanghai last year. The U.S. says the group worked to steal trade secrets from American companies.

Originally published on Tue May 20, 2014 12:07 pm

China says U.S. charges against five Chinese military officials for allegedly hacking into American computers amount to hypocrisy, citing U.S. surveillance and wiretapping. The country's foreign ministry summoned the American ambassador Monday night to complain about the charges.

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Code Switch
5:03 am
Tue May 20, 2014

Ah, Commencement. Caps, Gowns And Mispronounced Names

For college grads all over the country, receiving their diploma can feel a lot like one of those trips to Starbucks where customers' names get mangled.

Originally published on Tue May 20, 2014 6:10 pm

Last Friday on All Things Considered, NPR's Ted Robbins brought us a college commencement story the likes of which we hadn't heard before: the minefield that awaits the ceremony announcer when he or she is handed a list of students' names.

A list that said speaker must then read aloud.

In front of thousands of eager, excited, tuition-paying parents.

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Research News
5:01 am
Tue May 20, 2014

Gluten Researcher Reverses His Earlier Finding

Originally published on Tue May 20, 2014 9:43 am

A 2011 study found gluten can cause gastrointestinal distress even in people who don't suffer from celiac disease. Peter Gibson published that study, and in a new paper he says the opposite is true.

The Salt
4:59 am
Tue May 20, 2014

'Third Plate' Reimagines Farm-To-Table Eating To Nourish The Land

A view of Dan Barber's Stone Barns Center field and barns in Pocantico Hills, N.Y.
Nicole Franzen Courtesy of Blue Hill Farm

Originally published on Fri May 23, 2014 3:56 pm

Perched on a farm along the Hudson River is Dan Barber's award-winning restaurant, Blue Hill at Stone Barns. The food that's harvested on the farm year-round is what is served to diners daily.

But this champion of the farm-to-table movement noticed that farming and consuming foods locally still wasn't all that sustainable.

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