Ali Lightfoot

Program Director

Ali Lightfoot began her career in television production where she hired cast and crew, managed budgets and assisted in all aspects of production and post-production on a wide variety of projects. She has worked in a more creative capacity as well: acting, directing and writing for TV, film and radio.

Ali became KVNF's program director in 2009.  She produces and develops programming for KVNF as well as training and scheduling more than 70 volunteer DJs.   Ali produces radio documentaries and directs the youth reporting project "Pass the Mic," where young reporters (ages 8-12) create film and radio documentaries about their community.  

Email: ali (at)


5:37 pm
Thu March 7, 2013

Talkin Music: Tim O'Brien

KVNF's Bill Powers visits with musician, Tim O'Brien. 

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Pass the Mic
5:43 pm
Tue March 5, 2013

Pass the Mic: Jim Cooper of the Oxbow Coal Mine

Pass the Mic's energy reporter, Allison Godwin

Energy reporter, Allison Godwin, interviews the president of Oxbow's Elk Creek coal mine, Jim Cooper.

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2:49 pm
Fri March 1, 2013

Talkin Music: Sticky Mulligan & Paul Sammons

Sticky, Paul, David & Francois

Paonia musicians, Sticky Mulligan and Paul Sammons,  stopped by the KVNF studios to play some new music and catch up with Ali Lightfoot.

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Pass the Mic
12:26 pm
Thu February 28, 2013

Pass the Mic: Agriculture in the North Fork

Pass the Mic reporters visit the Big B's cider mill

Pass the Mic's Agriculture reporters check in with local farmers Jeff Schwartz, Paul Thliveris and Mark Waltermire about last year's harvest and what they think about the future of the industry.

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3:44 pm
Thu February 21, 2013

Talkin Music: Marc Berger

KVNF DJ, The Hurricane, speaks with Country Roots artist, Marc Berger.

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North Fork Heart and Soul Project
3:07 pm
Wed February 20, 2013

Pass the Mic: Local Voices Round-up and Community Values Review

Saturday, March 9th, 3:00 pm @ Paradise Theater, Paonia

See the North Fork Valley through the eyes of seven young reporters, ages 8-12. Hear their dialog with business owners, coal executives, farmers, artists and ranchers about the future of the North Fork Valley.

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4:44 pm
Tue February 19, 2013

Local Motion: Davis Coombe

Film editor, Davis Coombe, speaks with Ali Lightfoot about the documentary  "Chasing Ice."  The film is about acclaimed environmental photographer, James Balog as he participates in an Extreme Ice Survey for National Geographic.    Here, Davis talks about editing this film and his other work as an academy award winning documentary filmmaker.

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Local Motion
2:23 pm
Wed February 13, 2013

Resource Connection-Domestic Abuse

Ali Lightfoot speaks with Chip Meneley of Hilltop Tri County Resources, which provides confidential intervention, shelter and counseling services for women and children in domestic abuse situations.

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5:11 pm
Tue February 12, 2013

Confessions of a Heavy Thinker: Random Acts of Randomness

The sentences of this essay were assembled randomly.

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3:13 pm
Tue February 5, 2013

Local Motion: Resource Connection-Center for Mental Health

Ali Lightfoot speaks with Robin Berndt, Stacyee Curry and Cameron Nelson from Center for Mental Health. They discuss new initiatives to reach men in the community. Listen to their interview with Ali Lightfoot:

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4:21 pm
Tue January 22, 2013

Resource Connection: Delta County Department of Health & Human Resources

Chuck Lemoine and Debbie Malgosa, of  Delta County Department of Health and Human Services,  speak with Ali Lightfoot about meeting the challenges of a high number of requests for assistance.

Public Assistance

Food/Jobs/Child and Adult Welfare

Department of Health and Human Services

Phone: (970) 874-2030 (Option #1, then Option #1 again)

Fax: (970) 874-2068

After Hours: Delta County Dispatch (970) 874-2015

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4:01 pm
Mon January 14, 2013

Talkin Music: Curtis Stigers

Jazz vocalist, saxophonist and guitarist, Curtis Stigers talks with Ali Lightfoot about his new album and upcoming benefit show in Montrose.

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1:42 pm
Thu January 10, 2013

Confessions of a Heavy Thinker: Daylight Savings

Sure, it seems innocent, but DST is really just another tool of THE MAN!

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1:37 pm
Thu January 10, 2013

Local Motion: Julia Kumari Drapkin

Ali Lightfoot speaks with iSeeChange producer, Julia Kumari Drapkin,  about the online almanac she developed for record keeping on climate change.

1:12 pm
Thu January 10, 2013

Confessions of a Heavy Thinker: Electronic Voices

In which a tortured analogy is used to explain the fundamental nature of the divine.


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12:58 pm
Thu January 10, 2013

Confessions of a Heavy Thinker: High Beams

Sometimes you just gotta turn the other cheek. Other times, you need to teeter on the brink of sociopathy.

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4:02 pm
Thu January 3, 2013

Talkin Music: Paul Sammons

Blues and folk artist, Paul Sammons, plays some of his new music and talks with Ali Lightfoot.

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1:21 pm
Wed January 2, 2013

Local Motion: Lane Taplin

Artist Lane Taplin talks about a new community art project that involves collecting memories from North Fork residents.

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