Ali Lightfoot

Program Director

Ali Lightfoot began her career in television production where she hired cast and crew, managed budgets and assisted in all aspects of production and post-production on a wide variety of projects. She has worked in a more creative capacity as well: acting, directing and writing for TV, film and radio.

Ali became KVNF's program director in 2009.  She produces and develops programming for KVNF as well as training and scheduling more than 70 volunteer DJs.   Ali produces radio documentaries and directs the youth reporting project "Pass the Mic," where young reporters (ages 8-12) create film and radio documentaries about their community.  

Email: ali (at)

KVNF's Felix Belmont speaks with district 3 Commissioner, Mark Roeber.

Michael Emanuele

Gasoline Lollipop's frontman Clay Rose talks to Ali Lightfoot about the new album in the works,  alt country and his early folk influences.

Photo by Andy Ritchie

Western dams are a contentious issue. But in this episode of West Obsessed, the writers and editors of High Country News discuss the realities of dam removal, from Washington’s Elwha River, whose dams came down six years ago, to Utah’s Bear River, where a diversion is still being planned. 

Music Director Melanie Jean gives us a preview of this year's festival and shares music from some of the performers.

A.J. Fullerton is an award-winning  singer, songwriter and blues guitarist raised in Western Colorado. At only 22 years old, A.J. has quickly gained wide acclaim in Colorado.  He sat down to talk to Ali Lightfoot about his latest release titled Kalamath and share some new songs.

KVNF's Ali Lightfoot catches up with this Boston based group before their show in Paonia Town Park.

Michelle Amiott

KVNF is working with Montrose and Ouray County community members to open up a new studio in Montrose.   KVNF’s General Manager Jon Howard and two members of the Community Advisory Board heading up the project – Margaret Freeman and Chris Marcinek give us an update on the project.

New Orleans based singer Maggie Koerner sat down with Ali Lightfoot at the 2017 Ride Festival to talk about her new album "Dig Down Deep," touring with Galactic, her love of Kendrick Lamar and the importance of keeping it real. 

DJ Christi Gubser catches up with Bianca Caruso & Lee Ferris of the Americana Soul duo- Freddy and Francine,  before their performance in Paonia Town Park.

Ali Lightfoot

KVNF News takes at the issue of racism in Western Colorado.   Locals share their feelings about the events in Charlottesville, VA. including those who attended a vigil in Montrose for Heather Heyer.   History Professor, Steven Schulte talks about the history of the Ku Klux Klan in Colorado.  The Grand Junction chapter of Black Lives Matter responds to KKK flyers being distributed in their area.

Michael Owen and Magedelys Savgine of the Toronto-based group The Battle of Santiago sat down with  KVNF's Ali Lightfoot before their show in Ridgway Town Park.

KVNF DJ Lauren Ziccardi speaks with members of Yonder Mountain String Band at the 2017 Telluride Bluegrass Festival.

High Country News

Climate chaos, mass extinction, and the potential collapse of civilization? In the episode of West Obsessed, the writers and editors of High Country News ask the question: How can we face grief in the age of ecocide?

Lukas Nelson talks with KVNF DJ Willie Chicken and Ali Lightfoot about growing up with dad Willie Nelson,  his literary influences and what it means to be a country outlaw these days. 

Ali Lightfoot

Local storytellers share stories about Fire and Ice...

The Columbus Ohio-based rock band band, Angela Perley and the Howlin' Moons played a show for the Montrose Summer Music Series back in June.   They stopped by the KVNF studios for a chat before their show.

In this episode of West Obsessed, High Country News Assistant Editor Paige Blankenbuehler and Tribal Affairs Editor Tristan Ahtone talks with editor Kate Schimel about the recent attempts to overhaul the American health insurance system. The most recent version of a health insurance bill would implement big cuts to Medicaid and to other programs vital to the rural West and to tribal communities in the West. It prompted protests and pressure on some Western senators to block the bill; it's not yet clear how they'll respond.

Ali Lightfoot

Scruffy Pearls is a NYC based band fronted by Carly Brooke.  This dynamic 5 piece band performed at the KVNF studios and talked with Ali Lightfoot about their newly released debut album and first trip to Colorado.

Felix Belm0nt speaks with Delta County's Community and Economic Development Director, Elyse Ackerman-Casselberry.

Michelle Amiott

KVNF's Ali Lightfoot took a road trip to the California desert to interview the 5 piece country band - The Deslondes.   Sam Doores, Riley Downing and Dan Cutler discuss their creative process and their new album, Hurry Home, which was released this June.  

Patrick J. Endres/Alaska Photographics

The massive trail network of the West has always been a place for pilgrimages. In this episode of West Obsessed, the writers and editors of High Country News discuss an ongoing effort by the state of Alaska to turn toward more recreation and a long-distance trail--along an oil pipeline. 


The Embodying Rhythm Marimba Project Ensemble invites KVNF to one of their rehearsals to share some new music and talk about their North Fork collective.   This band includes:  David Alderdice, Arlyn Alderdice, Jeannette Carey, Daniel B, Matt Drbohlav, Rebecca Drbohlav, Osha Foster, & Jen Sanborn.


A group of North Fork residents went to Washington DC where they spoke with decision makers regarding the community's vision for the future.  Alex Johnson Executive Director at the Western Slope Conservation Center, Mary Marshall of Solar Energy International and local business owner, Frederick Zimmer talk about their trip.

Americana Folk artist Lesley Kernochan stopped by the KVNF studios to play some tunes before heading to The Telluride Bluegrass Festival.  Lesley has an eclectic background as a saxophonist, contemporary composer, operatically trained coloratura,  musical saw player, and singer/songwriter. Her most recent record is A Calm Sun.

Health Policy Analyst Bob Semro speaks with Ali Lightfoot about the spending, cost and waste in the American healthcare system.

Cedaredge-based singer songwriter Beth Williams chats with Ali Lightfoot about her many different music projects and collaborations.

Brooke Warren

The election of Donald Trump to the presidency came to the surprise of many. In the aftermath, coastal media rushed to understand rural areas better, but failed to do much more than parachute in and make assumptions. In this episode of West Obsessed, the writers and editors of High Country News discuss the political nuances of one Colorado county that flipped from blue to red. 


Series Director Dave Bowman gives us a preview of all the music you can catch every first Friday at the Black Canyon Golf Course in Montrose.

Host Jill Spears & gardening gurus Lulu Volckhausen & Lance Swigart take calls about citronella, frost, compost, lilacs and raising worms in the winter.

Nick Gonzales

Most people think of Nevada's crime scene investigators as slick detectives from Vegas. In this episode of West Obsessed, however, the writers and editors of High Country News discuss another kind of beat: cow cops, who ride the range and meet up with all kinds of mysteries.