Angus Stocking

Angus Stocking is a writer and recovering Christian cultist interested in metaphysics, fringe philosophy, and the myriad forms of human spirituality. Learn more about him at his website,

Weekly essay by Angus Stocking. This episode aired on Thursday, Dec. 19th & Sunday, Dec. 22nd.

Aired Thursday, July 18 & Sunday, July 21, 2013.

<A HREF="">Okinawa Soba</a>

Lessons learned (or not) from an ancient game.

In which, once again, I am right and everyone else is wrong.

Something old.  Something new.

Authority:  How to question it and why you should.

According to Angus, "I know it when I see it."

The logic of this essay resembles its nominal subject. 

A defense of alcohol that uses lots of long words.

Better living through superstition.