The Hurricane


The Hurricane's scheduled shows are Gumbo Ya-Ya (2nd Friday 10:00 a.m.), Soul System (1st and 3rd Thursday 7:00 pm); Turn It Up (3rd Saturday at 7:00 pm), and Cookin' With Jazz (4th Friday 7:00 pm).

The Hurricane" moved back with spouse Maggie to the North Fork in 2004, having left in '79 so that Hugh could pursue a career in wildland fire fighting, a journey that led them to Grand Junction, Salt Lake, Reno, and Boise.  They have two wonderful grown daughters who were subjected to massive doses of Van The Man and Miles during their formative years, but are nonetheless residing comfortably in the Pacific Northwest.  

Music is The Hurricane's passion. His signature  shows consisting of an eclectica of blues, funk, electronica, world beat, jazz, soul, and zydeco. Shows typically "start out at 300 knots with a "HurricaneHotStart" and they don' get no slower."  Hence "The Hurricane." 

Though "retired" since 2000, The Hurricane still does air operations on wildfires, floods, hurricanes, and the like. "I got the best of both worlds," he says. "A few weeks out in the so-called chaos world, then back to the beautiful quiet high lonesome outside of Crawford."  "And the privilege of being a KVNF DJ, sittin' there in the Joe Cocker Studio, puttin' out the beautiful sounds of genius musicians, it don' get no better than that." 

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Keep it real, it'll keep ya' alive.


2:23 pm
Fri November 16, 2012

Carlos Santana // Shape Shifter

Released 05.15.2012 Starfaith

With the release of this CD, Carlos returns to the classic Santana Sound.  Stunning music, simply stunning.  The  CD’s title track, "Shape Shifter," as well as “Nomad,” are emblematic of Santa’s stinging guitar solos, the big Hammond B3 organ weaving in and out, relentless percussionists keeping everyone honest . . . Carlos' transgalactic musique is back . . . big time.

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Album Review
2:57 pm
Fri November 9, 2012

Sugar Blue // Raw Sugar

Artist Sugar Blue's album

Released 09/13/2012 Beeble Records

Sugar Blue has done it again with his live 2-CD release “Raw Sugar.” One of the most striking tunes is an updated “Miss You.” Striking as in “it will flat blow you away.”

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2:29 pm
Tue October 23, 2012

Menahan Street Band // The Crossing

Menehan Street Band The Crossing

Released 10.15.12 Daptone Records

The Menahan Street Band is one of a crew of performers -- Sharon Jones, The Budos Band, Antibalas, Sugarman 3 to name a few -- who record on the Daptone Label out of Brooklyn. The Daptone artists as well as a bunch of other musicians are leading the Nu-Soul movement. 

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Gumbo Ya Ya

True jumpin' juke joint cajun zydeco musique, tinged with a whole lotta soul and blues from New Orleans, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and beyond. This is one of KVNF's gems of a hard-drivin' full-tilt boogie show. Proudly brought to you by Father of Gumbo Thomas Smith, The Emperor, and the Hurricane.

Turn it Up!

TIU remains one of KVNF's most popular programs, with DJs amplitude, Geitz Romo, the Hurricane, and Todd & Cynthia providing the entire spectrum of listening pleasure. Ranging from rock to reggae to hard-drivin' shoutin' blues to jazz, Turn It Up is one of the best musical experiences you’ll ever have. The show can go from mellow to high-energy and back again in a flash.  Join us wherever the beat takes us!!

Cookin' with Jazz

Jazz from A to Z and beyond, with sounds that range from down-in-the-basement mellow to transgalactic genius. Young Christie starts the month off with shows that sparkle they're so good. Geitz Romo with his encyclopedic knowledge always puts it down right, often on precious vinyl. The Hurricane defines the word JazzEclectica. Nolan Lightfoot, a Rahsaan and Sun Ra admirer, always puts down some mighty fine shows of seamless beauty. Yeah, jazz.

Soul System

Tamara and The Hurricane will put you on the full-tilt boogaloo on KVNF's dancing-est show. Music that puts some pride in your stride, groove in your move, and WILL fill the holes in your soul. Guaranteed.