Patricia Naft

Morning News Host

As KVNF’s new anchor for regional news and NPR’s Morning Edition, Patricia Naft brings to the table a wealth of on-air experience and talent.

Patricia’s been a KVNF DJ for over a decade, and graced the airwaves at KDNK in Carbondale before, where she shared her love of country music with listeners on a weekly morning show.

In addition to serving as the weekday voice for KVNF News, Patricia is also currently employed as a graphic artist.


8:15 am
Thu January 22, 2015

KVNF Regional Newscast: Thursday, Jan. 23, 2015


  • Both sides sue over Gunnison Sage Grouse
  • Charter school appeals to the state
  • Paonia faces more repairs for water system
  • Telluride saves tax money with bond sales
  • Lynx survey underway
  • Lawmakers look to alleviate testing in schools
8:03 am
Wed January 21, 2015

KVNF Regional Newscast: Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2015


  • Oil and gas development in Gunnison National Forest put on hold
  • Compensation for mineral right’s owners a political issue
  • Montrose VA clinic gets a new home
  • Sherbino Theatre in Ridgway turns 100 this year
8:05 am
Tue January 20, 2015

KVNF Regional Newscast: Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2015


  • First pot shop in DeBeque opens
  • Police chase car in Grand Junction, suspects escape
  • Bill in state senate will try to help rural communities during hard times
  • Capitol Conversation about Hickenlooper’s new term
  • BLM officially revokes leases on Roan Plateau
8:04 am
Mon January 19, 2015

KVNF Regional Newscast: Monday, Jan.19, 2015


  • Environmental Impact Statement released for proposed drilling sites north of Paonia
  • Oil and Gas Task Force finishes two day meeting in Greeley
  • Numbers reveal a disparity in the growth of Colorado schools
  • An interview with Gov. Hickenlooper about his speech and the coming term
8:04 am
Fri January 16, 2015

KVNF Regional Newscast: Friday, Jan. 16, 2015


  • Ice Climbing Draws Thousands To Ouray
  • Denver patient tests negative for Ebola again
  • Gov. Hickenlooper gives state of state address
  • Bill proposes compensation for land owners prohibited from drilling
  • Grand Junction tutoring program gets grant
8:04 am
Thu January 15, 2015

KVNF Regional Newscast: Thursday, Jan. 15, 2015


  • High amount of oil spills reported for Colorado
  • Mesa County makes official records more available
  • Gov. Hickenlooper gives his address this morning
  • A look at the legal grey area surrounding hemp
6:23 am
Wed January 14, 2015

KVNF Regional Newscast: Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2015


  • Food and Farm Forum happened last weekend
  • Denver patient tests negative for Ebola
  • North Fork Valley gets three new Parks and Wildlife officers
  • Gov. Hickenlooper sworn into office
8:12 am
Tue January 13, 2015

KVNF Regional Newscast: Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015

Editor's Note: The ice climbing instructor interviewed at the Ouray Ice Festival is Mark Miller. In this newscast we referred to him as Mike Miller. Our apologies to Mark. 


  • 20th annual Ouray Ice Festival happened last weekend
  • Patient in Denver hospital tested for Ebola
  • Capitol Conversation discussion over new session, new bills
  • Telluride on track for emission goals
8:11 am
Mon January 12, 2015

KVNF Regional Newscast: Monday, Jan. 12, 2015


  • City of Montrose saves money on trash
  • A conversation with Temple Grandin about autism
  • Infrastructure becomes focus for Colorado lawmakers
8:12 am
Fri January 9, 2015

KVNF Regional Newscast: Friday, Jan. 9, 2015


  • Housing project for seniors approved
  • Montrose moves ahead with internet plans
  • Colorado legislature kicks off new session
  • Avalanches kill two in Colorado
8:14 am
Thu January 8, 2015

KVNF Regional Newscast: Thursday, Jan. 8, 2015


  • Aircraft crashes in Mesa County
  • Bomb detonates outside NAACP office in Colorado Springs
  • A look at the past year’s weather and next year’s climate
  • State legislature starts new session
  • Colorado’s US Senators introduce energy bill
8:13 am
Wed January 7, 2015

KVNF Regional Newscast: Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2015


  • Oil prices might affect Colorado budget
  • New, stricter fines for oil and gas violations
  • Leadville hospital scheduled to close, might be saved by outside investors
10:51 am
Tue January 6, 2015

KVNF Regional Newscast: Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2015


  • Colorado tries to educate citizens, tourists about marijuana
  • State bike maps get local update
  • Social Security benefits sees light raise
  • Three elk become trapped in icy water
8:13 am
Mon January 5, 2015

KVNF Regional Newscast: Monday, Jan. 5, 2014


  • Montrose School District saves money on bills
  • Dish Network pays settlement over rate changes
  • A look at where things stand with the Gunnison Sage Grouse
8:12 am
Tue December 23, 2014

KVNF Regional Newscast: Tuesday, Dec. 23, 2014


  • Singer Joe Cocker Dies At 70 In Colorado
  • Delta School Districts Get 75K Scholarship Grant
  • Colorado's Economy Going Strong
  • Powderhorn Opens For The Season
  • Montrose Makerspace 
8:16 am
Mon December 22, 2014

KVNF Regional Newscast: Monday, Dec. 22, 2014


  • School board rejects North Fork Waldorf charter
  • A look at the results from Colorado River Delta pulse
  • Unemployment drops in Colorado
  • Colorado farmers might profit from trade with Cuba
8:13 am
Fri December 19, 2014

KVNF Regional Newscast: Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2014


  • Lawsuit threatens Colorado’s recreational marijuana
  • Survey results show gay, lesbian, bisexual Colorado teens at huge risk for suicide
  • Urgent Care center opens in Delta
  • Montrose Sheriff’s Department finds bags full of stolen mail
  • Former Mesa Sheriff’s deputy avoids jail time for online harassment
  • First time legislators settle in for new session
5:55 pm
Thu December 18, 2014

KVNF Regional Newscast: Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2014


  • Enrollment centers push to sign people up for health insurance
  • A look at the work of Theo Colborn
  • Work begins on Lake City’s Armory renovations
8:12 am
Thu December 18, 2014

KVNF Regional Newscast: Thursday, Dec. 18, 2014


  • EPA regulates chemicals that were focus of Theo Colborn
  • Thousands sign up for health care in Colorado
  • Variety of voices heard at recent oil and gas meeting
  • Presidential pardons granted to two people on Western Slope 
1:47 pm
Wed December 17, 2014

Local Motion: Regional News Roundup Dec. 2014

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On this week's Local Motion we are showcasing the regional reporting by the KVNF news team. We'll hear stories from Laura Palmisano, Jake Ryan and Bente Birkeland. They report on the struggles volunteer fire departments face, groundwater monitoring in the North Fork Valley, Colorado's spruce beetle epidemic, the proposed physician-assisted suicide bill, domestic violence, and solar energy.

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