Sally Kane

DJ, Former KVNF Executive Director

Sally Kane came to radio with a Bachelor's Degree in Social Science, a career in Public Health, and experience as a small business owner. Raised on the Western Slope, her first time at KVNF was as a DJ in 1980 when she was a high school student at Paonia High School. During her 10 year tenure at KVNF, Sally led a capital campaign for a new facility and helped start the local news department. She works with area  nonprofits facilitating trainings on a variety of subjects related to best practices and organizational excellence.

Sally's time at KVNF is now spent on air as a beloved host of music programs like "Just us Folks" and "One Woman's Perspective."

Ways to Connect

Change. Only six letters, but they string together to create one of the most powerful words in our language, and one of the most potent forces in our world.

Being a person with a strong bent toward etymology, I like to trace the origins of words as a means of unfolding their inner power. Like so many words in the English language, “change” comes to us from the Latin word cambire, meaning to exchange or barter. What a timely metaphor for KVNF’s 2013 Spring Pledge Drive!

Exploring Election 2012 from the State Capitol to the County Seats: what’s on your ballot this time around?