Early August Monsoons Set Record

Aug 5, 2014

Storms in Mesa County caused flooding, road closures and debris flows Monday. 

The National Weather Service in Grand Junction reported the area got over an inch of rain. 

Forecaster Tom Renwich, with the weather service, said Mesa, Delta and Montrose counties experienced a surge of monsoonal moisture that caused thunderstorms, storm winds, and flash flooding.

"Here at the airport we officially got 1.15 inches of rain," Renwick said. "The pervious record before that was .68 inches and that was set back in 1897."

Renwick said the recent weather patterns are normal for this time of year.

"What we are looking at least for the next seven days is more of a drying trend," he said "It’s going to look more like June through at least Sunday we are expecting it to be dry. Swamp coolers are really going to start working again."