Leftover Colorado Big-Game Hunting Licenses Go On Sale Aug. 5

Jul 28, 2014

Colorado Parks and Wildlife said it has plenty of leftover big-game licenses for the 2014 season.

The agency said it has about 6,000 deer, 30,000 elk, 5,000 pronghorn, and 1,800 bear licenses for the fall hunting season. 

Leftover big-games licenses for elk and other animals go on sale Aug 5.
Credit flickr.com/captspaulding

Joe Lewandowski, a spokesman for Parks and Wildlife, said the deadline to apply for big-game licenses was in April. He said most hunters don’t get their first choice and the agency usually have leftover licenses available for purchase.

“Every year at this time we publish a list of those game management units and species where people can find leftover licenses," Lewandowski said.

He said to get a list of those license visit the agency's website. 

"All of the units in the state where there are leftover licenses are listed," Lewandowski said. "It gives how many licenses there are, what seasons they are for, [and] if they’re youth only or private land only. There are a lot of nuisances to this and I don’t want to give people the idea that in the Gunnison Basin its easy to find a leftover license."

Lewandowski said hunting in Colorado is popular because 60 percent of the state is public land.

"These are big swaths of land where animals have a lot of room to roam and not much human disturbance," he said. 

The leftover licenses go on sale August 5. 

For more information visit: cpw.state.co.us