The Mystic's Almanac - Easter Garden

Mar 31, 2013

Aired Sunday, March 31st, 2013

Many view Jesus' life like a beautiful garden. Rather than becoming spectators, though, Jesus challenges us to become gardeners in our own right.

As a child I loved the Easter sunrise service. Being outdoors in the chilly spring dawn felt more intimate than the carefully choreographed service in the sanctuary. Today I realize most of contemporary religion views spiritual teachers like a spectator sport. We cheer these spiritual elites from the sidelines of our lives. A friend noted how easy it was to view Jesus like a formal garden - something to enjoy, to admire. "But maybe Jesus wanted something different," my friend mused. "Maybe he wanted us to grow our own garden." Bingo. Jesus was a way-shower, someone who left a trail for others to follow. The trail, though, is not the realization; full connection with spirit is. This Easter I likely will rise at dawn and begin the work of planting my Easter garden. Seed by seed, stem by stem, my garden is taking shape.