Paonia To Serve Former Town Clerk

Feb 3, 2015

Paonia Town Hall in downtown Paonia.
Credit KVNF

The Paonia Board of Trustees is in an awkward position after they laid off the town clerk late last year to save money.

According to C.R.S. 31-4-307, elected and appointed officials have to be voted off and have written charges and a hearing. The board did vote, but at that time no charges were brought against then town clerk Barbara Peterson when she was let go to help balance the Paonia budget.

At a special meeting Tuesday afternoon, the board voted to set a hearing and serve Peterson with written charges. The hearing is set for March 3 at 9 a.m. 

Town officials have declined to comment on the matter. And, no further information was provided. 

KVNF has filed an public records request with the town to get a copy of the charges that will be served. That request is pending. 

Editor's Note: The term charge is this case means reasons for dismissal, not criminal or civil charges.