Rick Perry Rallies GOP Vote in Delta

Nov 6, 2012

Delta County Commissioners rearranged their schedule Monday in order to attend a rally featuring Rick Perry. The Texas governor was touring with local state legislators to urge Republicans to get out the vote. KVNF’s Marty Durlin has more.

Credit Marty Durlin

A small but enthusiastic crowd greeted the former Republican presidential candidate as he spoke at GOP headquarters on Delta’s Main Street. Perry focused on energy--slamming President Obama and voicing support for the oil and gas industry.

You all remember what happened back in 2010 when we saw the mining and the energy industry go into the tank. It’s because of the attack, I will suggest to you, on those industries by this administration – an EPA that is absolutely out of control. (applause)

Perry touted his own state as an example of how the energy industry could flourish. He cited the eagle ford shale formation in south Texas, where gas drilling is booming, as a major job creator.

That’s what can happen in our country. And I can’t wait til the day occurs that I can stand up and we as a collective country can stand up and look across those big bodies of water to those mullahs in the middle east and say, no thank you, we don’t want your oil.

The governor closed with rousing encouragement to the faithful.

Colorado’s in the balance. This state can make the difference about who the next president of the united states is going to be. Let’s go get this thing done and let’s win it for America! (applause)