Roadside Fans Cheer USA Pro Challenge Cyclists Racing Stage 2

Aug 19, 2014

Cyclists racing down McClure Pass during Stage 2 of the USA Pro Challenge.
Credit Laura Palmisano

The second stage of the USA Pro Challenge bike race kicked off Tuesday morning. 

Over 120 top cyclists from around the world pedaled 105 miles from Aspen to Crested Butte. 

American Robin Carpenter won Stage 2 of the race. Golden native Alex Howes took second again. Howes now holds the yellow jersey as the race lead. 

About 50 race fans gathered on Highway 133 where it forks right to go up Kebler Pass or left to head up McClure Pass. 

Matthew Skwoit of Glenwood Springs brought his family to watch the cyclists speed down McClure Pass. He’s said the racers went by quickly, but he's glad he got to see them. 

"It’s bike racing," Skwoit said. "It’s a lot of anticipation followed by about 30 seconds of really cools sites."

John Thrasher of Delta is an avid cyclist. He said he’s watched the race before and is always impressed with the athleticism and skill of the riders.

"It’s always surprising to me how that many people can ride that fast on each others’ wheel and not get in trouble," Thrasher said. "I think it’s a testimony to a great sport." 

Stage 3 of the race will have cyclists riding 96 mile from Gunnison to a steep finish on Monarch Pass.