Sugar's Picks August 18, 2014

Aug 16, 2014

Take A Look At Our Current Favorites At KVNF & Click Below To Check Out The New Music For The Week Of August 18, 2014

1. Bernhoft / Islander / Big Picnic: He's Norwegian and he is Soulful! 11 great tracks! Play them all...

2. Next Level Sound Station / Sunken City Soundtrack / Next Level Sound Station: The Reggae/Dub Soundtrack offers an "Authentic Jamaican Sound" with Blake Colie of "The Lions," Black Shakespeare, Nuby Dan & Jared Meeker - It will take you back...

3. Soja / Amid The Noise & Haste / ATO: Another intriguing more modernĀ  Reggae release with Damian Marley, Michael Franti, Trevor Young, Collie Budz & others makingĀ  guest appearances.

New Releases For The Week of August 18, 2014