Where to Drop Off Your Ballots

Nov 4, 2013

Credit KClvey via Flickr (CC BY-NC)

Election Day is tomorrow, November 5th, and this is the first year Colorado has used all mail-in ballots for statewide elections. 

But ballots mailed in today might not make it to county elections offices on time to be counted. The Secretary of State's Office is urging voters to consider dropping off their ballots at local drop-off locations in order to avoid missing the deadline. 

Ballots have to be dropped off or received by county elections offices by Tuesday, November 5th at 7 PM.

So for all you last-minute voters, here's a list of where you can drop off your ballots. Hopefully this will make the beginning of your week a little less hectic. (And, we have to admit, we're partly just doing this for ourselves.)


Delta County

  • Delta County Courthouse 
    501 Palmer St., Suite 211
    Delta, CO 
  • North Fork Annex Building
    196 W. Hotchkiss Ave.
    Hotchkiss, CO 
  • Paonia Town Hall
    214 Grand Ave.
    Paonia, CO 

Montrose County

  • Montrose County Courthouse
    320 South First St.
    Montrose, CO 
  • Nucla-Naturita Chamber of Commerce
    230 West Main St.
    Naturita, CO 

Ouray County

  • Ouray County Courthouse
    541 4th St. 
    Ouray, CO 

San Miguel County

  • San Miguel County Courthouse
    305 West Colorado Ave.
    Telluride, CO
    *Not taking drop-offs on Election Day - use courthouse annex
  • San Miguel County Annex
    335 West Colorado Ave.
    Telluride, CO
  • Mountain Village Town Hall
    455 Mountain Village Blvd, Suite A
    Mountain Village, CO
    *Only availble for drop-off on Election Day
  • Norwood Town Hall/Community Center
    1670 Naturita St. 
    Norwood, CO
    *Only available for drop-off on Election Day
  • Glockson Building
    1120 Summit St.
    Norwood, CO 
    *24/7 Drop-off location

Mesa County

  • "Old" Mesa County Courthouse
    544 Rood Avenue
    Grand Junction, CO
  • Mesa County Central Services
    200 South Spruce Ave.
    Grand Junction, CO
  • Department of Human Services
    510 29 1/2 Rd.
    Grand Junction, CO
  • Fruita Civic Center
    325 East Aspen Ave.
    Fruita, CO

Visit your the links above for your county if you need more details. Drop-off locations and polling centers will be open from 7 AM to 7 PM for Election Day tomorrow. Even further details can be found here.