Wild Neighbors: Black Bears

Aug 27, 2014

KVNF takes a looks at the recent increase of bear sightings in local towns and neighborhoods.  Find out how you can prevent bears from visiting and how to handle a bear that keeps coming back.  

Ali Lightfoot hosts this episode of "Wild Neighbors" with guests:

Brenda Miller,  a licensed wildlife rehabilitator at the non-profit Roubideau Rim Wildlife Rescue.   Brenda runs this wildlife rehab facility outside Olathe where she is involved in direct care and rehabilitation of wildlife, providing educational outreach programs, fundraising,  and training for veterinarians. 

and Christy Dumond-  Christy was born and raised in Southern California and has been rescuing domestic and wild animals since childhood. She moved with her husband to the Somerset area 14 years ago where she lives right on the edge of some serious bear country and has had a few encounters.  She has given many presentations on how to live with and protect wildlife and is a volunteer with the Division of Wildlife.