Confessions of a Heavy Thinker

10am on Thursdays

Confessions of a Heavy Thinker is a short feature created by Angus Stocking, whose intention is to loosen the listener's grip on fixed beliefs, so that more pleasant beliefs can be selected and implemented. In addition to Confessions, Angus also publishes essays on his blog,, and has contributed essays to His Kindle ebook, also titled Confessions of a Heavy Thinker, is available on Amazon for a very reasonable sum.

To be naked and stared at is a primal fear.



In which, once again, I am right and everyone else is wrong.

Something old.  Something new.

Authority:  How to question it and why you should.

According to Angus, "I know it when I see it."

The logic of this essay resembles its nominal subject. 

A defense of alcohol that uses lots of long words.

Better living through superstition.

Sure, it seems innocent, but DST is really just another tool of THE MAN!

In which a tortured analogy is used to explain the fundamental nature of the divine.


Sometimes you just gotta turn the other cheek. Other times, you need to teeter on the brink of sociopathy.