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  • Hosted by Donna Littlefield and Patrick Webb

Start your Monday off right with Donna or Patrick bringing you a wide range of rock, folk and soul music.

Tune in at 10:05 for As the Worm Turns, featuring weekly interviews with local gardener extraordinaire, Lance Swigart. A new addition to that program is our web page dedicated to the show including weekly posts of tidbits from the show, and a question and answer forum.

Credit Suze Smith

  Ask Lance your most burning gardening questions!

As the Worm Turns

Aug 14, 2012

“As the Worm Turns” is part of the “Free Range Radio” show that airs every Monday morning on KVNF.  It features an interview with local gardener Lance Swigart at about 10:05 am. Tips and tidbits from these interviews are posted here, and our listeners can make comments and ask Lance questions in the comments forum below.