Programs A-Z

Take a trip back in time with Felix to the era of Big Band and swing music every other Sunday and then climb aboard Flight 124 with Captain Dennis for 50′s and 60′s music on the alternate Sundays.

This show of shows is a white hot mega blast of wig singeing rock & roll, hip shakin' soul music, and industrial strength rhythm & blues. It is the music that moves through you like electricity, the music that uses you as lightning rod,...

Skip and Captain Clearwater lead you on a musical journey exploring a variety of genres every Thursday morning.

Spend a relaxing and creative Sunday morning exploring meditative, inspirational, and uplifting music from global spiritual traditions and contemplative musicians.

Get ready for the weekend by rockin' out Friday afternoons with Michele. Lauren Z or Christie as they throw down a variety of rock and blues music. You can catch Michele the 1st Friday of each month on The Music Box.

It's modern, kinda hip. It's rock, indie and folk. It's the Sweet Sound. Thursday mornings from 8 to 10, with Joanna Calabrese and Cally Carswell . Tune in for an earful of sonic goodness.

Patty and Ashley Krest bring you an eclectic mix of music Tuesday mornings.

TIU remains one of KVNF's most popular programs, with DJs amplitude, Geitz Romo, the Hurricane, and Todd & Cynthia providing the entire spectrum of listening pleasure. Ranging from rock to reggae to hard-drivin' shoutin' blues to jazz, Turn...

Drop by every Wednesday night for an electronica, rock and world music party.