Suze Smith

Host Peggy Soup welcomes gardener & landscaper Wind Clearwater to the Bamboo Room, for a discussion about biodynamics and permaculture. They take questions & comments about bindweed & bonsai.

Guest host Peggy Soup welcomes Lloyd Nelson to the program to talk about biodynamics . Biodynamic calendars mentioned in the program:
Maria Thun
Stella Natura

Host Jill spears welcomes Wind Clearwater to the show. 'To mulch, or not to mulch - that is the question' (from a caller.)

Suze Smith

Biodynamic Composting Free Range Radio host Patrick Webb chats with gardeners Lance Swigert & Pat Frazier.

photo of Lance
Suze Smith

As the Worm Turns, Monday, Jan. 27th, 2014 Free Range Radio host Donna Littlefield chats with gardener Lance Swigert & special guest Pat Frazier about biodynamics .