Colorado Fruit

iSeeChange: A Hard Harvest

Jul 27, 2015
Peaches, Peach

This year has been a difficult one for fruit growers on the Western Slope. As fruit picking season develops, the realities of the weather we’ve seen are evident.

iSeeChange: Colorado Fruit Growers Harness Wind, Water, and Fire to Save Harvest

Aug 14, 2013
Kirsten Howard/Allie Goldstein

iSeeChange had the great pleasure of meeting two climate adaptation storytellers this summer, Kirsten Howard and Allie Goldstein. 1 car, 2 girls, and 3 months to travel across America and tell stories about the Great American Adaptation to climate change. After reading iSeeChange posts about frosts on the Almanac, they set out to talk to fruit farmers in the North Fork Valley. Here's what they found. --- Paonia & Hotchkiss, CO Glenn Austin started farming on his family’s organic dairy and...

Flowercat via Flickr (CC-NC-SA)

The height of the fruit season is approaching here in western Colorado, so for this week’s iSeeChange report, we decided to zoom out a bit and look at how Colorado’s biggest fruit crop fits into the national scene. On the Almanac a few weeks ago, an iSeeChanger named Megan Hines from Wisconsin said apples seemed to be ripe earlier than usual in her state. Anna Maenner , Executive Director for the Wisconsin Apple Growers Association, told us that indeed they are. She says the window for ripe...