Fred McKee

Sheriffs, Prosecutors Sue Colorado Over Marijuana Law

Mar 5, 2015
Marijuana Plant
Laura Palmisano / KVNF

Colorado has been under fire lately over Amendment 64. The state is currently being sued by neighboring states and a Washington, D.C. organization over recreational marijuana. Now, Colorado is being sued by its own sheriffs. Six sheriffs from across Colorado and sheriffs and prosecutors from Nebraska and Kansas are plaintiffs in the suit. Governor John Hickenlooper is named as the defendant. Hinsdale County Sheriff Ron Bruce and Delta County Sheriff Fred McKee, two Western Slope lawmen, are...

Brian Cambria

Paonia Fire Chief Mike Byers and his volunteer crew responded to a fire in a shed belonging to Stahl’s Orchards just outside of Paonia about 4 pm Monday afternoon. Twenty-one fire-fighters and seven trucks were involved in fighting the blaze, which took five hours to extinguish. Byers says the fire began when a tractor that had been parked in the shed ignited due to a faulty generator or starter. The shed was used to store fruit packing boxes and in addition contained apple wood and what...