Host Jill Spears and gardeners Lulu Volckhausen & Lance Swigart discuss spring gardening, including ideas for surviving tonight's expected freeze, and take calls from listeners.

Host Jill Spears is in the studio with gardening experts Lulu Volckhausen and Lance Swigart, chatting about garden chores & taking calls from listeners. Also, "Lance's Pet Peeve," (possible new feature?) This week - Put drains on your sprinkler systems so they don't need to be "blown out" every year. 

Guest host Amber Kleinman is in the studio with regulars Lulu Volckhausen and Lance Swigart. The first bit of frost has hit many gardens - what's the best way to deal with it?

Jane has grown brussel sprouts and wants ideas for how to cook them.
Marty has potted her tomato plants and wonders how much water they will need to survive inside.



On a chilly evening with freeze warnings in effect around the area, host Jill Spears & gardening guru Lance Swigart are joined by their seasonal partner Lulu Volckhausen for a lively springtime discussion.

First frost in the North Fork! Harvest is in full swing & garden cleanup is next. Anthony calls with a suggestion to "recycle" your grass, rather than raking/burning/etc.  David calls with an offer of free wood chips, and Bud calls from Rogers Mesa, wondering when he should harvest his butternut squash crop.

Local Motion: Nature's Missed Connections

Apr 4, 2016
Sue Husch / iSeeChange

On this episode: Phenology, the timing of nature. We’ll talk about what’s going on right here in the North Fork and worldwide, answering some of the questions you brought us here at the station and at

photo of Lance
Suze Smith

Host Jill Spears visits with gardeners Lance Swigart & Lulu Volckhausen as we face the first killing frost of the season.

Jessica Reeder via Flickr (CC BY

Our regular host, Jill Spears, is away this week, so Patricia Naft is acting as guest host. Gardeners Lance Swigart & Lulu Volkhausen discuss  a variety of issues, including the "dirty dozen," non-organic products that have the highest levels of pesticide residues. Weather, of course, is a big subject this week, as we had a bout of cold temperatures & quite a bit of snow. Several callers chimed in with questions & comments.

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Suze Smith

KVNF host Cyn Holder chats with gardener Lance Swigart, who, like many in Western Colorado, is busy protecting his garden from the recent late spring snowfall & chilly temperatures.

The Tarps go on, the tarps come off... gardener Lance Swigart has been dealing with spring frost. He visits with KVNF host Jill Spears.

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Spring chores continue - pruning grapes & raspberries, protecting tender plants from frost, evicting bugs. Host Jill Spears chats with gardening guru Lance Swigart.

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Free Range Radio host Donna Littlefield chats with gardener Lance Swigart. They discuss using a kelp spray to help plants & trees survive spring frosts, along with spring planting chores.