Has American English become homogenized? Have our regional ways of saying particular things — sometimes in very particular ways — receded into the past? Or do we talk as funny as ever? When I was researching an NPR History Dept. piece on lost American slang words recently, slanguist Tom Dalzell — author of a raft of books, including Vietnam War Slang and Flappers 2 Rappers: American Youth Slang — told me: "For 100 years, we have trended away from regional slangs to a national slang. Radio,...

Marty Durlin/KVNF

Delta County Commissioners recently named two historical landmarks, one being the Rogers Mesa Community House, the other the historic Bross Hotel. The Bross was built in 1906 and according to early newspapers, was Delta County's first luxury hotel (and early on, its only one.) Now, after over 100 years and eight different owners, the Bross is a bed & breakfast.

Julia Kumari-Drapkin/KVNF

Dallas and June Harding are regulars on the Almanac, but most of their daily weather observations youll see there date back to the late 1980s. Thats because those entires were transcribed from the journals June started keeping in 1985, when she and Dallas moved to their current home at the Harding Ranch near the base of Coal Mountain. I recently paid the Hardings a visit to talk about how they got involved with the iSeeChange project, and how journaling has played a role in their lives and...

Rita Claggett

Neighbors, Strangers and Friends is an audio/visual exhibit currently on display at the Creamery Arts Center in Hotchkiss. The exhibit features a series of interviews and photographs of North Fork Valley seniors created by local writer and photographer Rita Clagett. KVNFs Ali Lightfoot spoke with Clagett about the project.

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KVNF recently spoke in Ridgway with Susan Long, manager for the Ouray County Fairgrounds as well as the 4-H Events Center for the past eight years. Ms. Long and I spent an afternoon touring the rodeo grounds and talking about the associations plans to renovate the fairgrounds historic WWII-era grandstands, as well as the aging announcers booth and bucking shoots. Long says the planned renovations are aimed at increasing safety and bringing more outdoor to the grounds, all while preserving the...