Ridgway Has New Restrictions On Marijuana Grow Operations

Oct 10, 2014
Marijuana Plant
Marci Krivonen/Aspen Public Radio

Recreational and medical marijuana facilities are allowed in Ridgway. The town has one hybrid storefront that sales medical and retail pot. A town ordinance passed last month puts new restrictions on marijuana grow operations in Ridgeway. KVNF's Laura Palmisano speaks to the town's Mayor John Clark about the new rules. Clark says the ordinance limits the number of cultivation facilities in town to two and the number of plants each can have to 3,600. He also says grow operations need a special...

Marijuana Plant
Laura Palmisano / KVNF

Ten months into legalization, marijuana continues to be a divisive issue at the state and local level. “I think any governor that looks at doing this before we see what the consequences are I would view it as reckless," Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper says during Monday's debate. Politico's Manu Raju , the moderator, asks Hickenlooper if it was reckless to legalize marijuana in the state. "I think that for us to do that without having all the data, there is not enough data, and to a...

Colorado's new campaign to deter teen marijuana use tries to make the case that weed is bad for your brain. One TV ad shows a group of teens lighting up inside a dark car as moody music plays in the background. The commercial cites a Duke University study that found a link between regular marijuana use and a lower IQ. "Some dispute the study," the PSA admits. "But what if years from now you learn those scientists were right?" The kicker comes as the scene fades to black: "Don't be a lab rat."...

Gabriela walks into a large, dimly lit apartment, goes to a counter, buys a bag of sativa and sits on the sofa with her friends, joint in hand, like in Amsterdam. Except this is not Amsterdam. This is Barcelona, and the open sale of marijuana is illegal. Still, places like these are popping up all over the city and in many other European capitals like London, Paris and Ljubljana, Slovenia, part of a sneaky end run around Europe's widespread prohibition of pot. These "cannabis social clubs"...

Pot Campaign Warns Teens Of Possible Dangers

Aug 12, 2014

Colorado is trying to show teens about marijuana's risks, maybe.

A car accident crushed Brandon Coats' upper spine when he was 16, leaving him unable to walk. His muscles still spasm, disrupting sleep and causing pain. "If I'm out in public it's embarrassing," Coats says. "It's always uncomfortable. If I smoke marijuana, it almost completely alleviates it" — more, he says, than other prescriptions. Coats smokes at night, and says he was never high when answering customer calls at Dish Network. "I was really good at my job," he says. But five years ago,...

Washington State To Start Recreational Pot Sales On Tuesday

Jul 7, 2014

Legal marijuana sales are set to begin in Washington state as early as Tuesday after authorities began issuing retail licenses to stores. The state's Liquor Control Board issued Monday the first 24 marijuana retailer licenses, the board said in a statement . The stores can now stock up on marijuana products and begin sales on Tuesday after the mandated 24-hour "quarantine" period. Here's more from the panel: "Businesses receiving their licenses today represent the first of 334 licenses...

Marijuana use in the United States has gone up as the public perception of the drug's risk has gone down, according to a new United Nations report. The potency of the drug has also increased, The World Drug Report 2014 , put out by the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime, says that worldwide, the use of marijuana has decreased. "However, in the United States, the lower perceived risk of cannabis use has led to an increase in its use," the report states. "At the same time, more people using...

Luke Runyon/KUNC and Harvest Public Media

Colorado made history when it opened up licensed marijuana retail shops this year . Aside from just legalizing the purchase of smoke-able marijuana, it also means pot brownies have the potential to be big business. Food products infused with marijuana’s psychoactive ingredient, THC, are available in stores across the state. Marijuana, though, is still considered illegal by the federal government. The existing food safety system, which relies heavily on support from federal agencies, can’t...

Doug Tucker

The first batch of Colorado's recreational marijuana stores opened this month on New Years Day in Telluride, Breckenridge and Denver among other places, marking the beginning of what's expected to be a multi-million dollar industry. The Colorado Legislative Council has predicted new taxes on the industry approved by voters under Proposition AA could bring about $5.9 million in revenues to local governments during the next fiscal year, and $67 million to the state coffers. Reports from "Green...


The first recreational marijuana shop west of Breckenridge along I-70 is now open for business in Carbondale. KDNK's Ed Williams reports that long lines and high taxes are not deterring a steady stream of customers at the shop, called the Doctor's Garden.

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Marijuana Plant
Marci Krivonen/Aspen Public Radio

As Colorado ushers in legalized retail marijuana, law enforcement is preparing for how to handle it. Adults 21 years and older are now able to purchase recreational pot at shops around the state. The first retail enterprise won't open in the Aspen area until later this winter. Still, the Pitkin County Sheriff's Office there is preparing. Sheriff Joe Disalvo says he wants recreational weed to "succeed safely" in the resort town. He spoke with Aspen Public Radio's Marci Krivonen.

Marci Krivonen/Aspen Public Radio

Across the state, more than three dozen retail marijuana stores opened for business on January 1st , marking a historic milestone for pot advocates. News reports showed lines outside of some Denver-area stores. And, people from around the country traveled to the state to purchase pot. Shops opened up in Telluride and along the Front Range, and are expected to open in the Roaring Fork Valley later this year. The Denver Post has been anticipating this day. The newspaper hired two marijuana...

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Today on Local Motion, a look back at some local ballot initiatives across our region and the state. We talked with area reporters and people involved in contested issues this year about the elections, the outcomes, and what the results tell us about the attitude of Colorado voters this year. Annette Choszczyk, Director for the Delta County Libraries District, gives some insight on the failed measure to raise the mill levy to fund the county's...

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Colorado voters gave a mixed reaction Tuesday on a pair of statewide tax increases. Voters didn’t want to tax themselves to pay for education, but were overwhelmingly willing to tax recreational marijuana to help rebuild schools.

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