Otis Taylor

Sugar's Picks April 27, 2015
10:57 am
Sat April 25, 2015

Sugar's Picks Week Of April 27, 2015

Otis Taylor / Hey Joe Opus - Red Meat / Otis Taylor

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1. Otis Taylor / Hey Joe Opus - Red Meat / Otis Taylor: TheĀ  Colorado favorite & International Blues sensation does it again; better, stronger, cooler and hotter than ever!

2. Saun & Starr / Look Closer / DapTone: TheĀ  Background Vocalist/"Dapettes" for Sharon Jones and The DapKings (DapTone Records) step forward with an all analogue production from the House of Soul!

8:09 pm
Tue June 18, 2013

KVNF Live - Otis Taylor Band and Screen Door Porch

Photo by Len Irish

The second concert of the KVNF Live concert season featured The Otis Taylor Band with opening act Screen Door Porch, live from the Mountain Air Music Series in Ouray on Thursday, June 13th.

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Sugar's Picks Jan 28, 2013
3:19 pm
Sun January 27, 2013

Sugar's Picks & New Releases Jan 28, 2013

Otis Taylor/My World Is Gone/TelArc
The Colorado legend is joined by Mato Nanji of "Indigenous" as they explore the Native American scenario with powerful music and poetry.

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New Releases Jan 28, 2013