2013 Election Results

Nov 5, 2013

Credit Kahunapulej via Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA)

Here's the latest election returns we've got from the State of Colorado.

Please notes these returns are still technically unofficial. Results are expected to be finalized and official the week of November 25th.

Here's the latest on the statewide issues on this year's ballot.

Amendment 66

Delta County
For - 24.6%
Against - 75.39%

Montrose County
For - 20.3%
Against - 79.7% 

Ouray County
For - 31.2%
Against - 68.8%

San Miguel County
For - 40.6%
Against - 59.4%

Mesa County
For - 24.8%
Against - 75.2%

Gunnison County
For - 45.7%
Against - 54.3%

Proposition AA

For - 57.4%
Against - 42.6%

For - 59.4%
Against - 40.6%

For - 64.1%
Against - 35.9%

San Miguel
For - 60.7%
Against - 39.6%

For - 59.7%
Against - 40.3%

For - 67.3%
Against - 32.7%

For Delta, Montrose, Ouray, San Miguel, Mesa and Gunnison Counties

The question of whether to increase taxes to fund the Delta County Library District has been voted down. As of this morning the measure has lost by around 1400 votes in Delta County, though more people did vote for the measure in Montrose County than against it. Still, it appears the measure will not pass.

Delta County Voters have agreed to abolish term limits for the county's Clerk & Recorder, Treasurer, Surveyor and Assessor. 

The move to increase the Grand Mesa Water Conservancy District's debt has passed in Delta County by a large share. Nearly 2500 voters approved the measure, compared with just under 900 opposing it.

Telluride's hotly-contested proposed tax on sugary drinks, aka the "Soda Tax," has been rejected by voters. 

In Gunnison County, the measure to increase property taxes to maintain funding for fire-fighting, ambulance and paramedic services for the Carbondale and Rural Fire Protection District has been voted down. Meanwhile, Carbondale voters approved an additional sales tax on retail marijuana.


In the race for Delta County School District Seat 1, Ronald Germann appears to have secured a narrow victory over Gary Coats. As of Thursday morning with around 10,000 ballots cast in Delta County, German was leading Coats for the seat by just under 100 votes. We'll keep you updated if those numbers change. 

The Delta County Independent has reported it looks like Germann is the winner of the seat.

Tammy Smith has won the seat for District 4, beating out Mike Mason. Around 6100 votes for Smith were cast and around 2550 for Mason.

Voters for the District 4 seat from Montrose County favored Smith, while the few voters from Gunnison County favored Coats over Germann and Smith over Mason.

The State of Colorado is reporting no votes cast for the Delta School Board races from Mesa County.


In Montrose County, Gayle Johnson appears to have won over Jenni Sopsic and Katie Smits for the District C seat, although voters from Ouray County actually favored Smits slightly over Johnson by just a few votes.

In the race for District E seat, Mark Bray has won over Jessica Crane. Ouray County voters in that race also favored Bray by a few votes.

Voters from Gunnison County in the Montrose School Board races favored Johnson and Crane.

The two new board directors for the Norwood School District will be Zandon Bray and Jackson Ordean.


For races in Ouray County, Bart Skalla, Greg Lalwer and Heather Yeowell took the three open Ridgway School Board director seats, while the two-year at-large seat has been won by Steve Larivee.

The three open board seats for the Ouray School District were hotly contested - Don Mort, Jennifer Fedel and Jane Ross appear to have taken the seats, with Ross beating out Ellen Kersen by just a handful of votes.


In Mesa County, John Williams has won the District C seat over Patrick Kanda and Lonnie White. Tom Parrish has won for the District D seat over Michael Lowenstein, and Greg Mikolai has narrowly beat out John Sluder for the District E seat.

Clinton Dennison ran unopposed for the District D seat.


And looking at races for elected officials across the region, the new Mayor-at-large for Ouray will be Pamela Larson, who ran unopposed. Winners of the four-year Ouray Council positions are Glenn Boyd and John Ferguson. 

Crested Butte's new mayor will be Aaron "Huck" Huckstep, while the three winners of the Crested Butte Town Council positions are Jim "Deli" Schmidt, Roland Mason and Chris Ladoulis.

Winners of the four Telluride Town Council positions are Ann Brady, "Glider" Bob Saunders and Jenny Patterson.

Below are links to the most current State of Colorado's election returns by county. 

Statewide Results

Delta County

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Stay tuned for more detailed information - we'll update this page with any updated returns we receive.