Bear Cubs Trapped In Crawford

Jul 28, 2014

A mother bear and her two cubs were causing trouble around Crawford, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

J. Wenum, the game manager for the North Fork Valley and Gunnison Basin, said the bears were reported last week. 

"They were with frequency knocking over trashcans, getting into dumpsters, and generally creating headaches in terms of the mess that was left behind," Wenum said. "Much of that unfortunately is people related and can be remedied by people if they properly dispose of trash, utilize bear resistant trash containers, and minimize those food source opportunities like feeding pets outside and the leaving bowls unattended."

He said it seems the mother bear was scared away by people likely firing gunshots and the cubs were left alone.

"Saturday parks and wildlife officers were in the area and did capture two small black bears," Wenum said. "They have been removed from that area and now are at a rehabilitation facility that parks and wildlife operates elsewhere. We are still investigating what has happened to the sow so we would appreciate anyone who has information regarding that contact us."

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