County Health & Human Services Grateful to Cocker Kids Foundation

May 30, 2013

At a recent Delta County Commissioners meeting, the Cocker Kids Foundation received kudos from Delta County Health and Human Services Director Chuck Lemoine.  Lemoine first talked about how, in a meeting years ago with Joe and Pam Cocker, the County came to be an agent for the Foundation.

“They asked us to tell them about some of the area’s needs – they were interested in other agencies and organizations that could benefit from Cocker Kids foundation money. I did not have this intent, but after we talked about what we deal with in our department, they said ‘Well, sounds like you could use it.’” 

The Cockers had some stipulations: the funds were to be used for kids ages 0-18, the County should attempt to use local vendors, and the funds should be used in the North Fork particularly, which the Cockers viewed as underserved. Otherwise, there were no restrictions, Lemoine said. “I asked what can the money be used for, and they said enriching children’s lives.”

“We have wheelchairs, we have bought orthodontics, we have bought trips, musical instruments and lessons, rec center passes, we have bought high school yearbooks, class rings, formals – things that normally aren’t covered through child welfare expense accounts, just over and above and beyond – these are things that are normal to a child growing up in most instances. The Cocker Kids Foundation said if you aware of someone who can benefit from this, we’d love to be able to help and we’re very very grateful to them for that. Terrific foundation.”

The Commissioners responded by amending the Cocker Kids policy, to allow for a different way of accepting the funds.