The Mystic's Almanac - Child's Play

Dec 2, 2012

Aired Sunday, Dec. 2nd, 2012

Children in Salt Lake City, Utah discovered toxic waste near their school and championed the clean up.

The students in teacher Barbara Lewis' class in Salt Lake City, Utah discovered a toxic waste dump three blocks from their school. They contacted the local health department, who were unresponsive. Undaunted, the kids conducted their own survey of the industrial neighborhood and educated surrounding residents. Local newspapers reported on their efforts, and eventually the mayor promised to clean up the site within eighteen months. The students then raised $2,000 to help clean up other toxic waste sites. When the government informed the children they could not accept or administer private funds, the children wrote and lobbied a bill to create a toxic waste Superfund. Empowered kids become active adults. Within this story, though, lies the danger of expecting our children to save the world. Our children's future is in our hands.