Rationale for Proposed 2013 Bylaw Change to KVNF Membership Fees

Sep 24, 2013


Article III. Membership and Dues

Section 2.

  1. The annual membership fee shall be twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per person.



Article III. Membership and Dues

Section 2.

  1. The annual membership fee shall be thirty-five dollars ($35.00) per basic family membership.

Rationale for the proposed change

Since the early 1980’s a KVNF membership has been available for $25 dollars. The proposed change would increase the basic membership rate by $10, to $35. The change is proposed to help KVNF keep pace with current costs. Overall, it is thought that the impact will be low on individual members: KVNF members already contribute on average more than $60 per year. And while some stations do approach this $60 for their annual memberships, we think it is important to keep basic membership fees modest so that KVNF’s membership is available to as broad a range of community members as possible.

At the same time, it is important to keep pace with current costs. For example, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is moving to require stations our size to demonstrate non-federal support (i.e., membership, underwriting and other donation support) of at least $300,000 per year. That is a three-fold increase from the $100,000 that has been required ever since since KVNF became a CPB member. CPB is making this change to compensate for federal budget pressures and to try to keep up with inflation over the last several decades. For example, $25 in 1985 would be $54 in 2013 dollars.

Below is a list of other community radio stations in Colorado which shows their current membership rates. There are only 2 with a basic membership of $25.

Current Basic Membership Levels as of August 2013

KUNC – Greeley - $72

KOTO – Telluride $60

KBUT – Crested Butte $40

KGNU – Boulder $40

KDNK – Carbondale $50

KSJD – Cortez $35.60 (.10/day)

KHEN – Salida $25

KRFC – Fort Collins $40

KAFM – GJ $35

KIVO – Denver $52.80

KSJC – Silverton $25

KWMV – Westcliffe $35

KSUT – Ignacio $35

KJAX – Aspen $60

KVNF is a powerhouse public media service that connects multiple communities throughout the Western Slope. As we watch once reliable sources to our funding on the federal level, it’s important that each listener who chooses to become a member, contributes to the financial health and well-being of KVNF. KVNF’s Board of Directors voted at its September 16, 2013, board meeting to endorse this proposal.


Download and print the ballot here.