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In-depth local public affairs reporting and interviews from around the KVNF listening area.  Local Motion airs on Tuesdays from 6-6:30 pm, and is hosted by Ali Lightfoot.

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Ali Lightfoot speaks with director Merrily Talbott and several young performers from the production of “Hippies and Rednecks Unite, ” a new play that explores culture and stereotype in the North Fork Valley.

Ann Wenzel, Ann Brach and Elaine Brett of The Western Colorado Community Foundation speak with Ali Lightfoot. The organization primarily serves Mesa, Garfield, Eagle, Rio Blanco, Delta, Montrose and Ouray counties and works closely with individuals, families and organizations to create charitable legacies to benefit our residents and improve the quality of life in western Colorado. For more info, visit: http://www.wc-cf.org/index.htm

Local Motion: Domestic Violence Awareness

Oct 29, 2014
Domestic Violence

On this week's Local Motion we are observing Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

A special program to celebrate KVNF's 35th Birthday. Explore the history of KVNF with station founder Campbell Stanton, former staffers Patrick Webb, Jeff Reynolds and Sally Kane, and longtime volunteers Liz Lilian and Felix Belmont. They share stories about the station's first broadcast and studio and discuss KVNF's mission to serve the community. Explore the past and find out what these longtime supporters hope for the future.

Local Motion: Regional News Roundup Oct. 2014

Oct 15, 2014

On this week's Local Motion , we've decided to highlight political stories aired on our regional newscast.

Physicist and environmental scientist Amory Lovins has worked in the field of energy policy for over 40 years. He speaks with KVNF's Jake Ryan about the changing energy landscape around the world.

KVNF's Cynthia Hines interviews the award winning humanities scholar and author, Clay Jenkinson , who portrays Thomas Jefferson on the popular program The Thomas Jefferson Hour. Jenkinson will be in Montrose on Saturday performing as John Wesley Powell, an explorer of the American West during the 1800's. On Sunday Jenkison will tape a live Thomas Jefferson Hour fundraiser in Telluride. For more information visit: http://www.jeffersonhour.com/schedule The Thomas Jefferson Hour airs on Sundays...

This week's Local Motion aired live. KVNF's Jake Ryan interviewed six people who are running for four open positions on the station's Board of Directors . Judy Briscoe , Mike Campo, Pam Ellison, Bruce Herr, Bob Pennetta , and Steve Rubick explained why they are running for a director position. Also on this episode, a proposed change to a KVNF bylaw was discussed. The proposed change will be on the KVNF ballot. All station members can vote in the upcoming election. The deadline for...

Local Motion: AmeriCorps Marks 20 Years Of Service

Sep 16, 2014
Gardening, AmeriCorps
Valley Food Partnership

AmeriCorps is celebrating its 20th anniversary this month. On this week's episode of Local Motion we are commemorating this milestone by interviewing three locals who volunteered for the national service program. KVNF's Laura Palmisano speaks to Courtney Mullin who volunteered for AmeriCorps for two years. Mullin worked with Montana State Parks and at a charter school in New Hemisphere. Palmisano also talks to Michelle Amiott who was an AmeriCorps VISTA, short for Volunteers In...

Local Motion: Mosquito Abatement

Sep 10, 2014
Jake Ryan

The North Form Mosquito Abatement District is a small operation based out of Paonia that has to strike a balance between keeping populations in check, while also trying to keep the citizens they’re protecting happy and safe. It's a tricky tightrope that has been the source for debate for years. KVNF's Jake Ryan talks to the employees about disease, fruit juice, dynamite, and more.

Geologist Wayne Ranney knows the Colorado Plateau like no other. With a career that started accidentally at the bottom of the Grand Canyon in the early 1970's he has since scrambled his way across all corners of the Colorado Plateau to a fresh geologic vantage of this remarkable region. Wayne sat down with KVNF' s JT Thomas to talk about his rock work near and far.

For more information about Wayne' s work on the Colorado Plateau and international field programs, visit www...

KVNF takes a looks at the recent increase of bear sightings in local towns and neighborhoods. Find out how you can prevent bears from visiting and how to handle a bear that keeps coming back. Ali Lightfoot hosts this episode of "Wild Neighbors" with guests: Brenda Miller, a licensed wildlife rehabilitator at the non-profit Roubideau Rim Wildlife Rescue. Brenda runs this wildlife rehab facility outside Olathe where she is involved in direct care and rehabilitation of wildlife, providing...

Local Motion: KVNF's Regional News Roundup August 2014

Aug 20, 2014
Jake Ryan, Laura Palmisano, Patricia Naft
Skip Naft

On this week's Local Motion we are showcasing our news team. Patricia Naft, the voice of KVNF's morning regional newscast, hosts the program that features six original stories by our news director Laura Palmisano and news producer Jake Ryan. In this episode, Laura reports from the Hotchkiss Sheepdog Trials , an EPA meeting about water issues , and a Paonia town council meeting that saw debate over retail marijuana. Jake Ryan tells us about Pioneer Days , the attitudes over health...

Kelsey Gibb
Laura Palmisano

On this week's Local Motion , we explore why millennials are moving to Colorado.

Andrew Cullen

Folk and blues guitarist, Marisa Anderson and alternative country artist, Jesse Hadden chat with Ali Lightfoot before their backyard performance in Paonia.

Produce, Vegetables, Thistle Whistle
Laura Palmisano / KVNF

On this week's Local Motion , we’ll be looking at organic farming, and really, what that means. There are a number of unique certifications that differentiate produce from conventional farming. It can get a little confusing as to what the word "organic" means, what makes a farm certified USDA organic, and why some farmers choose different programs, or none at all. KVNF's Jake Ryan talked to Steve Ela, Mark Waltermire, Lynn Gillespie, and Don Holt.

Local Motion: KVNF's Regional News Roundup

Jul 15, 2014
Jake Ryan, Laura Palmisano, Patricia Naft
Skip Naft

On this week's Local Motion we are trying something new: showcasing our news team. Patricia Naft , the voice of KVNF's morning regional newscast, hosts the program that features six original stories by our news director Laura Palmisano and news producer Jake Ryan. In this episode, Jake reports on Africanized honey bees in Palisade , the Collbran landslide , and the Uncompahgre Freetrappers Happy Canyon Rendezvous that happened near Montrose. Laura tells us about the success of...

Montrose producers, Phil Ward and Dianna Beshoar talk to locals with a passion for cars.

Waldorf educator, Thesa Callinicos discusses the origins and messages of fairytales and their importance in early childhood development.

The second North Fork Storytelling Series brought together talented people from around the Valley to tell tales about Obsession. This is a re-broadcast of the live event, which was held at The Blue Sage in Paonia. Here, Liz Evans, Emily Guerin, and Krista Langlois share their stories.

On this week's Local Motion , KVNF's Laura Palmisano takes us on a drive around Grand Mesa with geologist Andres Aslan . On the drive, Aslan talks about the geological history of the mesa and why it's landslide prone. He also discusses May's massive landslide on the edge of the Grand Mesa near Collbran that claimed the lives of three men. Aslan , who's also a professor at Colorado Mesa University, says landslides in western Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region are normal because...

Local Motion: Eight Candidates For DMEA Board

Jun 11, 2014

KVNF's Jake Ryan interviews all eight candidates for the DMEA board of directors. They discuss who they are and why they're running. Each person touches on the contract with Tri State, the future of high speed internet, and the current state of DMEA.

93 year old retired Colonel Robert Bryson recounts his experience as a fighter pilot in The Battle of Guadalcanal, a military campaign that took place between august 1942 and February 1943 in the Pacific Theater of World War II. It was the first major offensive by Allied forces against the Japan. KVNF's Ali Lightfoot spoke with Bryson at his home in Paonia.

KVNF's Felix Belmont speaks with Delta County Commissioner, Mark Roeber. May 2014

North Fork residents Jim Ramey, Alexis Halbert and Ty Gilespie discuss their recent trip to Washington DC. They were part of the delegation that met with officials about the North Fork Alternative plan, a community-based plan which aims to protect North Fork’s public lands from oil and gas development.

The Trading Post in Paonia is the kind of place you might expect to meet people who don’t vaccinate their kids. There’s bulk quinoa on the shelves, local potatoes in baskets and all sorts of sugar and wheat free goodies for sale near the cash register. The whole place has a decidedly crunchy, alternative vibe, and that extends to medicine. The last time I went there, the first three people I talked to told me they didn’t vaccinate their children. Liz Evans is one of those people. She has six...

Writers from the Write On! anthology competition read their published works. On this show: Marty Durlin, Slater Podgorny, Carol Kwiatkowski, and Sarah Gilman read their work.

Ali Lightfoot takes a look at the issue of plastic pollution from the mountains of Colorado to the middle of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Learn about this growing environmental movement from local experts and activists including: Carol Kwiatkowski of The Endocrine Disruption Exchange (TEDX) Joanna Calabrese of the Pick Up America and the Western Slope Conservation Center Carolyn Yates, O-waste activist Don Holt of Don's market Kevin Hunt, manager of the Adobe Buttes Landfill Captain...

Ali Lightfoot takes a look at the issue of plastic pollution from the mountains of Colorado to the middle of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Learn about this growing environmental movement from local experts and activists including: Carol Kwiatkowski, Joanna Calabrese, Carolyn Yates, Don Holt (of Don's market) and Kevin Hunt, manager of the Adobe Buttes Landfill.
Hear about the effects of plastic pollution on our coastlines and marine life with oceanographer, Captain...

KVNF's Amber McDaniel speaks with Jeff Basinger the director of the Western Colorado AIDS project which provides resources for persons living with AIDS/HIV in western Colorado.