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Host Jill Spears welcomes gardening experts Lulu Volckhausen & Lance Swigart, and special guest Jere Lowe of Earth Friendly Supply Co. for the Fall Pledge Drive Edition of As the Worm Turns.

Host Jill Spears is in the studio with gardening experts Lulu Volckhausen and Lance Swigart, chatting about garden chores & taking calls from listeners. Also, "Lance's Pet Peeve," (possible new feature?) This week - Put drains on your sprinkler systems so they don't need to be "blown out" every year. 

Marilyn Stone

Host Jill Spears chats with gardening guru Lance Swigart, and our usual 3rd  crew member, Lulu Volckhausen, calls in from Glenwood Springs.

Calls from Darrell in Peach Valley, Duna in Norwood, Sue in Ridgway, Katie in Crawford.

Listener Marilyn Stone emailed us the picture shown here, with this question: "We have 2 nests of these bees or wasps near RxR ties that border the yard. They don't seem to be overly aggressive. I've never seen bees or wasps build this kind of nest before. Any ideas what they are? Are they beneficial?"

Host Jill Spears and her gardening gurus Lance Swigart & Lulu Volckhausen discuss summer gardening tips and take calls from listeners.

Jefferson in Paonia has an issue with the crew's potato advice.
Margit in Paonia has a question about compost.
Dave, who helps with Northside Elementary School garden in Montrose, has a couple of questions.
Scott from Moab calls in, with issues similar to Dave's - yellowing leaves.

Suze Smith

Host Jill Spears & gardening guru Lance Swigart are joined by Jere Lowe of Earth Friendly Supply Co. in Paonia for a discussion about building soil health with compost.

Gardening gurus Lance Swigart & Lulu Volckhausen join host Jill Spears for their last conversation of this gardening season.

Host Jill Spears & gardeners Lance Swigart & Lulu Volckhausen discuss end-of-season garden issues & take a few calls.

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Host Jill Spears & gardening gurus Lulu Volckhausen & Lance Swigart discuss summer gardening tips, sample some wild plums, and entertain the burning question "Why isn't composting an Olympic sport?"

Guest host Peggy Soup welcomes Lloyd Nelson to the program to talk about biodynamics.

Biodynamic calendars mentioned in the program:
Maria Thun
Stella Natura


Guest Host Peggy Soup & Gardening Guru Lance Swigart  discuss compost, signs of early spring and other seasonal gardening subjects.

Guest host Peggy Soup & gardening guru Lance Swigart chat about composting.

Host Jill Spears & gardening experts Lulu Volckhausen & Lance Swigart discuss harvest time issues. Amber calls with a question about broccoli. Lance points out the downsides of consuming "baby greens."  New compost piles are underway.

Our weekly conversation about Western Slope gardening, hosted by Jill Spears, with gardening gurus Lance Swigart & Lulu Volkhausen.

photo of Lance
Suze Smith

This will be the last program for this season with Lance Swigart & Lulu Volkhausen.

The panel started with an emailed question about grapes that aren't thriving, & show blotchy colors on the leaves. The show continues with discussion about seed saving, Hutterite beans, tool maintenance, Lance's magnificent compost pile, and more.

To honor the Thanksgiving holiday, Lance expounds on being thankful for the past 10,000 years of human efforts to grow crops, which has resulted in our current plethora of food varieties & growing methods.

Suze Smith

Biodynamic Composting

Free Range Radio host Patrick Webb chats with gardeners Lance Swigert & Pat Frazier.