KVNF Regional Newscast: Friday, June 5, 2015

Jun 5, 2015

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Sheep ranchers, feedlot owners, and processors in states like Colorado, Nebraska and Illinois are banking on America becoming a more diverse place. Specifically, they want American Muslims to buy more of their lamb. Today, the average American eats roughly a half pound of lamb per year. That number has been dropping for decades. Compare that with the more than 50 pounds of beef and almost 90 pounds of chicken each American eats every year. Megan Wortman, executive director of the American...

Roast rack of lamb or a platter of smoked, glazed ham — which dish should be the centerpiece of the Easter table? Lamb is rich in religious symbolism: A sacrificial lamb was first served by Jewish people on Passover, and Christians often refer to Jesus as the lamb of God. But ham feeds more guests and makes tastier leftovers. Soon, we may not have to choose. Third-generation country-ham curemaster Sam Edwards , of Surry, Va., and shepherd Craig Rogers , owner of Virginia's Border Springs...

Black Welsh Mountain sheep, grazing
Laura Palmisano

Federal researchers are on a mission to back up the genetic material of the plants and animals that the nation’s food supply depends on. A pair of ranchers in the hills of western Colorado are joining in and are trying to ensure the future of the rare Black Welsh Mountain sheep. It’s a sunny morning at Desert Weyr , a 40-acre sheep farm outside of Paonia , Colorado. Oogie McGuire and her husband own this farm. They raise Black Welsh Mountain sheep. They’re smaller than the white sheep most...

Ask Northern California sheep rancher Dan Macon what this drought is doing to his pocketbook and he'll break it down for you real quick. "It's like if you woke up one morning and lost 40 percent of the equity in your house," he says. "Our primary investment in our ranch is in these sheep and we just sold 40 percent of our stock." Macon had to sell off almost half his herd at an auction for cheap. There wasn't enough feed to go around. This has also forced him to take an off-farm job — a first...

Mutton Busting A Rodeo Tradition For Rough And Tumble Kids

Jul 17, 2014

A furry beast, a brave rider and a roaring crowd make up the list of ingredients for the Western rodeo tradition known as “mutton busting.” Think of it as bull-riding, but for 6-year-olds, and the furry beast is actually a wooly sheep.

The Sheep Shearer From Cedaredge

Jun 10, 2014
Laura Palmisano

For nearly a decade, Doug Hamilton has put on sheep shearing demonstrations at the Sheep Dog Trials in Hotchkiss .

Luke Runyon/Harvest Public Media

Over the last 20 years, the number of sheep in this country has been cut in half. In fact, the number has been declining since the late 1940s, when the American sheep industry hit its peak. Today, the domestic sheep herd is one-tenth the size it was during World War II. The decline is the result of economic and cultural factors coming together. And it has left ranchers to wonder, When are we going to hit the bottom? Some sheep are raised for their wool, others primarily for food. Both...

Travis Bubenik, KVNF

With severe drought continuing to affect agriculture on the Western Slope, KVNFs Travis Bubenik explores how two tech-savy local sheep farmers found a way to cut costs and manage their animals more efficiently.