KVNF Annual meeting in October: Make your voice heard on Proposed Bylaw Change

Oct 14, 2013

The Annual Meeting for North Fork Valley Public Radio, Inc. is coming up later in October — Thursday, October 24, 2103, at the Paonia Town Hall, 214 Grand Avenue, at 6 p.m. There will not be board member elections this year as we have two members standing for re-election this year — John Moore, and Kate Zachman, and we had no new nominations for our total of four vacancies. So no election is required at this time. The board will continue to seek qualified candidates to appoint to these vacancies.

Proposed Bylaw Change

We do, however, have one proposed bylaw change. The change would increase the cost of a basic membership from $25 to $35. The proposal also changes the wording from "per person" to "per basic family membership" since, in practice, two adult family members have been regarded as "members" under a single "membership". KVNF’s basic membership rate has been the same since the mid-1980s and is among the lowest in the state. For a fuller explanation of the reasons for the proposed change, click here.

If you are a KVNF member, we hope that you will cast a vote. Your membership and participation is vital, enabling KVNF to keep quality programming coming your way every day of the year and to continue to be among the best community radio stations in the nation.

In order to vote, you can download and print the ballot. If your membership includes a spouse or partner, each of you may cast a separate ballot. You can also request that a ballot be mailed to you (call Gretchen at 527-4866), or pick up a copy of the ballot at KVNF’s offices, 233 Grand Avenue, Paonia, Colo.

In order for your vote to be counted:

1. You must be a current member of KVNF, with membership expiration date no earlier than October 24, 2013.

2. Your completed ballot must be mailed to KVNF, PO Box 1350, Paonia, CO 81428, or delivered to the station at 233 Grand Ave., Paonia.

3. Your ballot must be received at KVNF’s office by 5 pm Wednesday, October 23rd, or you can vote in person at the annual meeting.

4. You must print your name(s) and address in the upper left corner of the envelope or use return address label. (This allows the election judges to verify membership without opening the envelope.)

5. Please write “KVNF Ballot” on the bottom left corner of the return envelope.

To protect your identity, election judges will open and recycle all envelopes before beginning the process of vote counting .

Thank you again for your membership and your participation in the governance of North Fork Valley Public Radio, Inc.


Linda Bacigalupi, President